3 Extreme Activities That Will Leave You with an Adrenaline Rush

River RaftingSome people like the thrill of doing things that are naturally frightening but enjoyable at the same time. These adrenaline junkies would do anything and visit far away countries just to experience extreme sports and activities that will take them to the next level.

If you are one of these people, here are some of those activities that will leave you at the edge of your feet.

River Rafting

A good way to start feeling the adrenaline is by going on a white river rafting adventure. In Denver, river rafting is popular because Colorado has great rivers near its regal Rocky Mountains. American Adventure Expeditions highlights the different difficulty levels to choose from, so beginners and amateurs alike can enjoy the activity. The most thrilling part is when you face big waves and conquer them with your raft.

“Road of Death” Biking

Bolivia’s Yungas Road is considered to be the “world’s most dangerous road”, and for good reasons. The curves are extreme, the road goes up and down, and the width for two lanes is only 10 feet. Biking here is an extreme challenge for those who have enough courage to face it. There isn’t any vehicle traffic here because it was rerouted on purpose. Nevertheless, pro mountain bikers come for an experience of a lifetime. It takes more than 6 hours to finish the road’s 44 miles.


Just like how hamsters play by going round and round in their wheel, zorbing involves you entering a giant plastic ball and rolling down the hills in New Zealand. You’ll be in a smaller ball inside the larger one to minimize shock. Zorbing is a bit more fun than extreme, but it still takes courage to do because the ball is hard to control.

If you want to experience adrenaline, these three activities will give you just that. Keep calm and practice safety precautions when doing any of these extreme sports.