3 Must Know Facts About Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Lakeville

When root canal therapy is mentioned, most people think of a worst, painful procedure that might make you lose your teeth. However, that is far from the truth. And if you have an infected or damaged tooth that you’d still like to keep, you can benefit from a root canal treatment.

While this form of treatment used to be painful years back, today’s dental technology and availability of local anaesthesia, you can be rest assured that you won’t feel any pain. Other alternatives to root canal include replacing the damaged tooth with a dental implant, dentures or extracting the damaged tooth.

So if you're planning to visit your local Lakeville dentist for this therapy, here are some more must-know facts about root canal procedure first.

Root canals are safe. 

Most people consider root canals to be risky and some would rather skip the whole procedure. Nevertheless, they are safe and you cannot get a re-infection after you get a root canal. The infected area is sterilized and sealed. A crown is then placed to ensure that the root is protected from any infections.

Root canals help relieve the pain. 

Now, if you have an infected tooth, you know how painful it can be to chew or swallow anything. This is because the cavity has reached the center of the soft tissue of your tooth. This is why most people assume root canals are painful. After a root canal, you won’t have to worry about losing your tooth or the pain you experienced before.

You get to retain your tooth. 

Unlike tooth extraction where you lose your tooth due to the infection, root canals allow you to keep your tooth. There is a common myth that it’s better to have your teeth removed than get a root canal treatment. This is false as you could end up damaging the other set of teeth.

Finally, you can now get root canals on one single trip to your dentist thanks to the CEREC machine. You can have a root canal and the crown fitted in the same visit. If you’re suffering from an infection or an abscessed tooth, you can benefit from a root canal therapy. Visit your dentist today if you have any more concerns about root canal treatment.