3 Reasons Why You Can’t Stick To Your Weight Loss Plan

Weight Loss PlanIn a 2015 study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), findings showed that more than 36 percent of the American population is still suffering from obesity. This fact isn’t something to be taken lightly. It means that despite the massive push to go for healthier options, Americans are still getting fatter.

Premier Medical Weight Loss notes that the obesity epidemic has become the biggest reasons for the boost in diet regimens and weight loss treatments around the country. For instance, the HCG diet has become very popular in San Juan, Capistrano and other parts of California, along with the use of appetite suppressants. But what are the real reasons why people can’t seem to stick to their diets and weight loss plans?

Here are some of the culprits:

1. You think cheat meals are rewards.

The majority of diet regimens have some sort of a cheat day. And many, if all not all, dieters see them as the blessed day when they can eat anything they want. Most people go for the basics—chocolates, pasta, bread, all that fattening carb meals. And they think of these meals as rewards for a good well done—starving themselves through an entire week. While it seems like a good way to give yourself a pat on the back, thinking of them as rewards does more harm than good because you will crave for it all the more thinking you deserve it, which can sometimes lead to binging.

2. You skip on the most important meal of the day.

Many people skip breakfast because they think they can lose more weight. This is very wrong. If you skip on the most important meal of the day, the chances are high that you’ll crave for a sugar rush and then suffer a mid-afternoon crash. Skipping breakfast will only result in the consumption of more calories the whole day. Don’t skip it. Just be smart about what you eat first thing in the morning.

3. You’re focused on the wrong tactics.

Many people take on this tactic: they try to eat healthier options and save the sugary, devilish treats for special occasions. While this seems okay, the chances are high that you’ll end up eating larger quantities of sugary treats on special occasions because of its rarity. A better option would be to rethink of your lifestyle and incorporate the healthy meals into it. Instead of saving the sugar delights on special days, treat yourself once in a while. Focus on moderation, not starvation.

Keeping Up With Weight Loss

Losing weight shouldn’t be a one-time, big-time thing. Don’t settle for the perks of being a one-hit wonder. Weight loss isn’t just a plan; it’s a lifestyle. Once you’ve seen progress, it doesn’t give you the free pass to let your guard down and slip back into your old ways.