3 Things to Remember When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Engagement RingOne of the most important things in a marriage proposal is the ring you’re going to present your girlfriend as you are about to say the words “Will you marry me?” This is such a big, romantic, and breathtaking moment, so it’s only natural to want to give the best possible ring that represents just how much you love her. To make sure you get the best ring for your girl, here are some things you need to know about the engagement ring.

The Challenge of Knowing Her Ring Size

One of the most challenging things you will encounter when planning the proposal is trying to know her ring size. It can be frightening to ask it directly since you don’t want to ruin the surprise. One thing guys do is ask a close friend of their girl to find it out for them. Of course, the friend should still be subtle about it to not give any hints. One good way to do this is by casually visiting a jewelry store and go ring shopping for no particular reason.

Know the 4Cs

There are 4 Cs you need to know about an engagement ring before shopping around: the cut, clarity, color, and carat. Take your time studying these 4 Cs so you can get exactly what your girlfriend deserves and wants. Not knowing anything about the 4 Cs often lead to mistakes and an expensive purchase that isn’t worth its price.

Choose a Gemstone

Classic engagement rings often have a center diamond. However, that isn’t always the best option. It still depends on what your girlfriend prefers, so try your best to find out what gemstone she likes. For an engagement ring, Moissanite from MoissaniteCo.com is a great, more reasonably priced alternative to diamond. Sapphire is also a good and a common choice for ladies.

Keep these things in mind to find the perfect engagement ring to propose with. Take her breath away and finally get that “yes” you’ve been waiting for.