5 Dental Issues That Warrant Teeth Extraction

extracted toothAdult teeth should last a lifetime. Accordingly, dentists can only recommend the extraction of permanent teeth if there is no other viable treatment option. Here are five valid reasons to pull out an adult tooth, as revealed by General Dentistry Limited, top dentists in Sioux Falls.

1. Advanced gum disease

The periodontal disease destroys teeth support structure. The infection can then cause the loosening of teeth. Very loose teeth may need extraction if the dentist can’t save them, even with a bone graft procedure.

2. Getting the mouth ready for orthodontic treatment

People getting orthodontic devices may need teeth pulled to create room for the choppers shifted into place.

3. Compromised immune system

Cancer drugs and chemotherapy can decrease or suppress the body’s immune system. During an organ transplant, people may also need to take medications that can compromise their immune system.

If the person with the compromised immunity has an infected tooth, that tooth can be a source of infection. Bacteria may then spread from the tooth to the rest of the body.

4. Infection that can’t heal

To save the tooth after its pulp gets damaged by a bacterial infection, dentists in Sioux Falls often recommend root canal treatment.

In some cases, however, the infection can be so severe that root canal therapy and antibiotics fail to cure it. If the infection can’t heal, extraction will help to prevent the fatal spread of bacteria.

5. Wisdom teeth issues

A dentist may recommend extracting any teeth that fail to erupt because of lack of enough room in the mouth. When third molars get stuck in the jaw, they can irritate the gum and cause decay, pain, swelling, and infection. You might then have to get the tooth extracted.

Dentists prefer fixing teeth broken or damaged by decay. However, when damage is extensive, teeth may need pulling. Teeth may also need extraction if the mouth is experiencing crowding or as a preventative measure against the spread of infection.