5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Venues

Event VenuesWhen you plan corporate events and get-togethers, take into account several reminders. Preparing a guest list and choosing an appropriate venue, constitute some of the significant activities that the event planner has to do. When choosing among the tons of function venues, such as in Brisbane or Sydney, avoid making the following mistakes.

Neglecting the Event Requirements

Before you start visiting all the venues that are within a hundred miles, sit down first and plan a few things. For starters, you should come up with a guest list that highlights the expected number of guests. Secondly, list the different types of cuisines to be prepared at your event. It’s further advisable to outline the activities and entertainment arrangements.

Booking Venues That Are Too Small

If you’re organizing an event, one thing that you should determine is the number of expected guests who’ll attend the occasion. This way, you can pick a venue that’s spacious enough for everybody. For a successful event, your guests should neither be too cramped nor too spaced out.

Failing To Visit the Venue

Most venue owners go to extreme lengths to make their services appear picture-perfect on websites and magazines. The profiles of these companies only reflect some aspect of quality, but they don’t provide a detailed picture. You should spend time visiting each of the shortlisted function venues before signing any contract.

Failing To Get Written Estimates

Written estimates are another integral aspect that event planners forget. The quote, typically, highlights all the services that you’re expected to pay. You don’t want to select a venue and then end up with no tables and chairs during the event. You should read the fine print carefully to ensure there are no hidden charges.

Neglecting Parking

Every event planner wants his guests to arrive in good spirits. You should, therefore, avoid frustrating your guests before they even set foot in the venue. Make sure that there is ample parking space for the travelling guests. If the venue has no parking space, ensure that there is a nearby parking lot accessible to your guests.

Planning a successful event starts with booking the right venue. When selecting a function venue, avoid neglecting the event requirements and always get a written estimate. Moreover, make sure there’s enough parking spaces.