6 Reasons Why Baby Teeth Matter

White and yellow teethBaby teeth are small and temporary. But these mini chompers are crucial, and they deserve as much care as the adult teeth that replace them. Here are six good reasons why deciduous teeth matter.

Baby Teeth Reserve Space for Adult Teeth

Primary teeth reserve space in the jaws for their developing permanent counterparts. They also guide the permanent teeth into their correct position. Early loss of baby teeth can then lead to teeth alignment issues.

Healthy Baby Teeth Lead to Healthy Adult Teeth

Decay and infection in the primary teeth can cause permanent damage to the adult teeth developing in the gums. Proper oral care and regular visits to a pediatric dentist in Riverton like Southridge Pediatric Dentistry can help give a healthy start to your child’s permanent teeth.

Healthy Baby Teeth Foster Good Nutrition

Your child needs a healthy set of teeth to chew properly. Proper chewing ultimately promotes proper nutrition and good health.
Missing or decayed teeth make chewing difficult. Your child may then reject foods, and that can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Baby Teeth Aid in Speech Development

A healthy set of primary teeth will help your kid speak clearly. The presence and correct positioning of these teeth help in the formation of proper pronunciation.

Healthy Baby Teeth Help Build Self-esteem

A beautiful smile helps boost self-esteem. Decayed or poorly aligned mini chompers can affect your kid’s confidence, self-esteem, and social interactions.

Healthy Teeth Help a Child Concentrate and Learn

Healthy teeth will enable your kid to pay attention and learn. The child will concentrate better in school without the distraction of pain and unhealthy self-consciousness. Too many emergency dental visits may also mean lost school hours.

Deciduous teeth are vital to a kid’s health and development. They help a child properly chew, speak and smile. Equally important, baby teeth hold space for the adult teeth under the gums. Even though these teeth are temporary, keeping them healthy is important to your kid’s lifetime health and well-being.