A Novice’s Guide to Surviving the First Day at the Gym

Woman lifting weight in the gymYou’ve finally decided to become much healthier. After adjusting some aspects of your diet and cutting down on habits that push you to lead a sedentary lifestyle, you have thought of pushing it further by enrolling in a gym membership.

You may feel excited to try things out, but set your expectations now since the road to fitness and health is not always easy. It’s paved with challenges, some of which may make you question your abilities and motivations.

But, MÜV Fitness and other industry experts say, don’t listen to the voice of self-doubt. You are on your way to the gym in Lexington, SC. What’s more important is that you have made this conscious decision. If you want to survive your first day at the gym, here are some pointers to take note of:

Choose your buddy

You may choose to go on your own, but it may be difficult, especially that you may find yourself asking many questions. Yes, you can bring your friend who has knowledge on this, but if you want a great start, should find a personal trainer. The trainer will teach you all you need to know, from stretching to basic exercises.

Invest in quality gear

If you invest in the wrong leggings or gym shoes, you will surely find yourself uncomfortable. With that, you need to get yourself quality equipment and gear. Do not just use sneakers, for instance. Go for pairs that have proper ergonomic support to make every session more comfortable. The right gear will also keep you from having injuries.

Stick to the basics (at first)

You may be tempted to try many things, and that’s okay. But don’t overdo it and force yourself to try advanced exercises. Otherwise, you may sustain an injury. Do what your fitness trainer tells you; don’t rush and know that you’ll get to the advanced phases if you persevere.

Going to the gym can be one of the best decisions you will make this year. If you are working out with a physical trainer, always ask questions.