A Refreshing Walk with a Healthy Smile

Woman with a beautiful smileFrom the lush green landscape of Richmond Park to the chirping of birds at the London Wetland Centre, living in leafy green Richmond comes with lots of perks. But it can be hard to enjoy Nature’s beauty with a mouth full of tooth decay, sensitive gums or toothache providing a constant source of painful distraction. Regular visits to a dentist in Richmond can prevent or treat all of the above so patients can focus on enjoying the sights and sounds on their doorstep.

Goodbye grimace, hello smile

Over-the-counter painkillers may help ease dental pain but this is only a temporary solution. A Richmond dentist, such as Sheen Dental, can uncover the underlying problem and treat it effectively.

Sensitive gums could be a sign of the early stages of gum disease. Having sensitive teeth could be a sign of tooth decay or infection of the dental pulp that sits within the tooth. A thorough oral examination, perhaps including x-rays or other scans, at a Richmond dentist will help identify the disease and the extent to which it has progressed.

Once treatment is complete, whether that is the removal of decay or gum disease-causing bacteria, patients will find they are no longer grimacing in pain and can return to smiling with ease.

Smiles made better

Even when the teeth and gums are in good health, patients may still feel embarrassed about their smile. Perhaps it is due to stained or discoloured teeth or maybe chips, cracks, misshapen edges or crowding of the teeth. Whatever the reason, a dentist in Richmond is on hand to help with cosmetic dentistry. This focuses on enhancing the aesthetics of a patient’s smile through one or several dental treatments, such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or invisible braces.

A smile on arrival

On arrival at the dentist in Richmond, many patients are overtaken by a wave of dental anxiety. A common cause is fear of how painful a procedure will be. Thankfully local anaesthetic is available to numb any pain and when it comes to anxiety, there is conscious sedation on offer to relax patients. Knowing this, patients can arrive with a smile on their face, knowing they will be well looked after.