Anorexia Nervosa: Main Causes of this Eating Disorder

Eating DisorderAnorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that can devastate and deeply damage your health. This affects both men and women, and may fatally threaten life. A large number of Americans have this mental and physical disorder. Though the ultimate cause of anorexia cannot be easily determined, there are certain factors that trigger this illness.

Peer Pressure

One major factor that triggers anorexia nervosa is the pressure from the community. This pressure came from the cultural mindset that thin and slim people are more accepted and respected in the society. Anorexics usually feel pressure from peers, puberty, or failed relationships.

Biological Factors

Some experts believe anorexia nervosa may be genetic. Although studies are yet to determine this, you may get the genes responsible for fussiness, depression, and sensitivity from your family. Physical dissatisfaction also has a connection with anorexia.

Psychological Instability

WebMD says experts don’t understand the cause of the disorder yet, but the psychological state is a huge factor for anorexia. Before you feel total lack of appetite, you would go through psychological distress, leading you to question your physical features and social acceptance. A disrupted emotional quotient is an extreme factor for psychological instability that may lead to such eating disorder.

Dramatic Diet Change

People who have anorexia nervosa experience a drastic change in their diets. The Eating Disorder Center of Denver mentions spending too much time thinking about food or your body image as an indicator of a problem. To get a healthy body, you need nutrition that usually comes from food. If you get too frustrated and conscious of your body type because of peer pressure, biological factors, or psychological instability, your response may be to stop eating.

Seek professional help if you find symptoms implying that you, your relatives, or your friends have this eating disorder.