Auto Accidents Can Cause More than Just Neck Injuries

Whiplash Chiropractors in DenverMany people believe that whiplash injuries, injuries typically caused by low-impact car collisions like rear-enders, only affect the neck. Some even think that all they need to recover from such injuries are a few days of rest.

However, whiplash can actually cause more than just pain affecting the neck.

Manifestation of whiplash injuries

Neck pain is the most common complaint people involved in rear-enders have. In many cases, the pain affects the entire width of the shoulders (including the shoulder blades) and up into the victim’s head. Whiplash injuries can be so severe that they can cause pain in all of the neck’s tissues, ligaments, facets, muscles, and nerves.

However, these injuries can manifest in many different ways other than just those that burden the neck area. They can also lead to headaches, upper and low back pain, as well as fatigue.


Headaches are the second most prevalent complaint after neck pain. More than 80 percent of individuals who suffer from whiplash injuries experience these highly unpleasant, to the point of debilitating sensations. In most cases, they have a direct relationship to injuries sustained by the cervical spine’s facet joints, muscles, and ligaments.

Back pain

Although a lot of individuals consider whiplash as neck injuries, rear-enders and other low-impact collision accidents can also injure the back, causing upper or lower (or a combination of both) pain. Over half of rear-impact collision victims suffer from low back pain.

Recovering from whiplash injuries

Fortunately, people who sustained and are still suffering from the effects of whiplash injuries can recover and find relief for the pain they go through. With correct care and treatment plans, including the services delivered by an auto accident chiropractor in Denver, your whiplash injuries can heal in less than a year, with the pain lessening with each visit.

Remember: whiplash is a type of unique health condition requiring the expertise of skilled professionals specializing in auto accident related injuries. The best way to treat these injuries is through the combination of rehabilitation, proper at-home care, and chiropractic care.