Basic Skills Every Basketball Player Should Learn

Basketball Training CampBesides being a fast-paced game, basketball is a popular sport with great rewards. However, one can’t perform this game speedily and properly without sound instinct and knowledge.

Most experienced players acquire instinct and knowledge in the basketball training camps. The basic skills are necessary for every beginner.


Good passing is an effective offensive attack a basketball player should practice. Most players lose in the game just because of poor passing among the players. With good and professional passes, the players would easily evade a defender, find a good shooter and locate an open man. Some of the passes a player needs to practice in basketball include chest passes, push passes, overhead passes, bounce passes, baseball passes, and off-the-dribble passes.


Players who train hard to dribble are good in executing plays, maneuvering past defenders and moving up and down the court. Players would not skillfully handle the ball if they were not good in dribbling. Moreover, a player who is not good in dribbling would not be able to control the ball using spread fingers. Basic dribble, between-the-legs dribble, low dribble, pull back dribble, behind the back dribble, crossover dribble, and change-of-pace dribble are some of the dribbles a basketball player is trained to execute.


A basketball player can’t score points in a match if they are unable to shoot the ball into the hoop. Before you throw the ball through the air into the basket, you need to hold it properly and avoid defenders. Lift from the legs, arm extension, and precise aiming are essential requirements when making a professional shot. Most professional basketball players win a game using shots such as the jump shot, hook shot, layup, three-point shot, free throw, alley-oop, and dunk.

A team doesn’t win a basketball game because its members are strong and well versed with the court. In most cases, skills play a vital role in giving a team an easy win. For this reason, most coaches and players spend considerable time in the basketball training camps to acquire the above skills among others.