Bergamot Essential Oil – History and Health Benefits

BergamotEssential oils are known to provide relaxing and soothing effects when their fumes are inhaled or when the oils are massaged onto the body. There are many kinds of essential oils, and citrus Bergamot products are among them.

This essential oil is known to have certain fantastic contents that can really make your senses tingle and make you more relaxed. This product can offer you excellent calming, curative and resting effect.

  • The vegetation and the extraction

This oil is extracted and carefully distilled from the citrus tree bark. The rind of unripe and ripe fruit is also used to extract this oil. The fruit of this tree which is called Aurantium fruit looks like a pear. This tree is called Bergamot orange and is seen growing in the Mediterranean region. They also flourish in other areas where the weather is similarly warm and dry. It is more of a shrub and grows up to a height of four meters. The flowers are star shaped and the leaves are nice and polished.

  • Uses of Bergamot oil

This oil is used in toiletries and perfumes. It is teamed with other oils such as lavender. Bergamot oil is also the base for many kinds of cologne. For a long time now, this oil is being used for hair care, skin and facial cosmetic products. Like all other essential oils, this oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It has been successfully used to fight inflammations, infections and to keep bacteria at bay.

  • As a relaxant

The oil extracted is slightly spicy, warm and has a lemony smell. This oil is very versatile and has many amazing properties. You can use this in your aromatherapy sessions to get rejuvenated and refreshed instantly. It can bust stress and help you relax. On massaging the oil is known to dissolve stretch marks and minor scars. It is also used in treating skin problems like oily and acne skin.