Cebu City: A Thriving Area for the Local Arts Scene

Condomenium in CebuCebu city is more than just a haven for those seeking a laid-back, tropical atmosphere. While mostly known for its beautiful coastal strips and enticing beach resorts, Cebu is also a flourishing art and culture hub. Those planning on buying a condo in the area would be happy to find out that the city offers a tropical life without sacrificing cultural and artistic offerings.

A Unique Street Art Scene

Take a stroll around Cebu and you’ll find that the street walls are giving museums and galleries a run for their money — they’re full of graffiti and wall art! Local artists converted the walls in Escario and Molave Street into grand, public canvases by artists to showcase vibrant art works such as mosaics, renditions of the sea and shore, and minimalist compositions in black and white. In fact, Kidlat, Cebu’s local version of Banksy established some street art groups to breathe further life into the city’s local art scene.

Cebuano Love for Literature

Those who love reading would surely enjoy Cebu’s literary scene. The city is a cornucopia of literary pursuits which include spoken word performances, poetry reading sessions, e-book launchings, and writing workshops. In fact, UP Cebu’s creative literary org, Tinta, has fueled a literary revival among writers and readers alike. The org holds monthly poetry reading sessions in Handuraw Events Café to foster an overall love for art and literature.

Dance and Music Festivals

Cebu holds an annual dance ritual called the Sinulog festival, which everyone loves to participate in. One of the most colorful festivals in the Philippines, it remembers the Pagan past of the country and its transition into Christianity. Apart from being a tourist attraction, the cultural event is also about appreciating local music and talents.

Music is rooted deeply in Cebuano culture, as even their past politicians were musically literate. Classical music is very much alive in the city due to the talents of Rudy Villanueva, Aima Labra-Makk, etc. In fact, Cebu has its very own symphony orchestra that attracts music teachers and musically-inclined Filipinos from around the country to Cebu.

Enjoying the finer things in life can enhance any person’s way of life. Fortunately, Cebu city has a thriving arts and culture scene that any art enthusiast would love.