Chiropractic Care: The Key to Effective Pain Management

Chiropractic CareDid you know that chiropractic care is one of the most common pain management techniques in the United States? Statistics show that more than 22 million Americans visit a chiropractor for long-term management of the migraine, tension headache, back pain and neck pain. This number has been consistently rising for the past two decades due to growing evidence of its efficacy.

Back Pain

Back pain is the most common cause of disabling pain among individuals aged 50 and below. Hence, this is one of the most frequent reasons for visiting a chiropractor. Injury to the lumbar muscles may be caused by sudden twisting movement, musculoskeletal trauma and chronic stress in the back.

Professional chiropractors offer pain management techniques through relief of nerve compression in the lumbar region. Spinal manipulation is a method that involves a series of assisted muscle movements to maximize joint mobility. Experts may also use massage therapy in order to promote circulation in sore muscles of the body. This technique hastens the healing process of inflamed connective tissues, tendons, and muscles.

Headache and Neck Pain

A headache is often classified as either tension-type or a migraine. Although an acute headache may be induced by external factors such as smoke, noise or hunger, recurrence of pain is a cause for alarm. Hence, it is crucial to find a chiropractor who can perform thorough spinal examinations to determine the source of pain.

In several cases, misalignment of spinal vertebrae causes transmission of pain signals into the head and facial region. This causes nerve irritation, which results in radiation of pain into the neck region. This may also result in stiffness and discomfort in the cervical region. Persistence of symptoms necessitates spinal adjustment techniques by a chiropractor to induce immediate pain relief.

Chiropractors use different maneuvers such as massage and spinal manipulation in order to reverse the mechanism of back injury. Hence, it is crucial to visit a chiropractor who can properly manage your health complaints.