Cleaning and Maintenance: Dental Appliances

dental appliancesAside from brushing three times a day, one way to keep your dental health (and appearance) in top shape is to take good care of your dental appliances. These dental appliances come in various forms like aligners, dentures, retainers and mouth guards. Here are general ways to properly take care of your dental appliances to help them perform their functions longer and better.

Do not use toothpaste

While toothpaste is good for your teeth, it is not for your dental appliance. In fact, using toothpaste can cause more harm than good. Toothpaste is abrasive cleanser designed to help eliminate dirt from your teeth and not from your orthodontic appliances. Using toothpaste on your pieces can create multi micro scratches that would over time turn into bigger damages.

Hand soap and warm water

Hand soap and warm water can do a better job at cleaning your dental appliances compared to a toothpaste. Though denture paste and cleansers are recommended, hand soap is often seen as a cheaper and more practical alternative.

Exclusive brush

It is important to have a brush that you exclusively use for your orthodontic appliances as you would be using a different material to clean your appliances and your teeth. Your brush need not be a toothbrush, anything that has soft bristles would do the trick. Brushes designed exclusively to clean dental appliances are readily available in the store.

Have a protective cushion

One of the most common damages that happen to dental appliances is breakage, both big and small ones. This is due to improper placements of dental pieces, especially during washing. Be sure you have a protective layer to place your appliances at whenever you clean them. A soft cloth on top of the sink would suffice.

Don’t let your investment go to waste. Properly clean and take care of your dental appliances and have that perfect smile sooner.