Common Back Pains After a Car Accident

woman having a back massageOver 2.5 million people visit the ER annually for treatment of injuries sustained in car accidents. With the considerable force typical of car accidents, these statistics are hardly surprising. The human body, especially the spinal column is very fragile, and any force can result in grave injuries.

Back pain is common after an auto accident. A car accident chiropractor in a Salt Lake City clinic can provide a natural drug-free treatment. Here are some of the common kinds of back pains that might manifest after a car accident.

1. Lumbar Sprains

An excessive force in your lower back area common with the sudden movement in an auto accident can cause a lumbar sprain. This is a result of excessive stretching of your back’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Lumbar sprains in most instances are not evident on imaging. As such, their diagnosis relies on your chiropractor’s experience.

2. Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a disorder in which your spinal column narrows after trauma. In most cases, spinal stenosis in auto accidents follows a bone fragment that invades the spinal canal and pressures the nerves, resulting in significant low back pain.

Spinal adjustment and exercises are some of the chiropractic treatment modalities for spinal stenosis.

3. Disc Herniation

Injury to your back, which cushions and separates your vertebral discs, is referred to as disc herniation. This happens when the soft tissue inside the disc protrudes from its tough outer encasing following the rapture of the encasing.

The tear in itself causes no pain, but the soft tissue results in considerable pain when it comes into contact with surrounding nerves.

Like in all traumatic events, your body produces high levels of adrenaline after an auto accident. This hormone numbs your pain, and hence back pain might not be immediately evident after the accident.

You should still schedule a chiropractic appointment regardless to avert future impairment from spinal injuries.