Coping with Tobacco Addiction: 5 Ways to Quit Smoking

Quit SmokingBattling tobacco addiction is not an easy feat, but it is not impossible to do so. With proper diagnosis and treatment, you can easily subdue the urge to go back to your old habits. To put your recovery plan put into action, here are steps you may take.

Set a Quit Date

Start by choosing a quit date, preferably two weeks after you've decided that you truly want to stop the habit. Give yourself enough time to gather the motivation not to go back to smoking ever again. Quit your consumption gradually to avoid suffering from withdrawal syndrome. If you're a heavy smoker, for instance, reduce two to three sticks in your daily consumption.

Inform Your Friends & Family About Your Plan

Quit Stop Now noted that you need a strong and solid support system when quitting. That's why you need encouragement and support from your family and friends to get over it. It is even better to find a quit buddy to whom you can share the experience and help you get through with the urges.

Relapse Prevention Plan

The first few months of quitting are the toughest times of your recovery. This is where you usually consider the option of doing it again. To unwelcome these kind of thoughts, you need to come up with a plan that will help eliminate your cravings. You may turn to nicotine replacement therapy to relieve withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

Get Rid of Anything Related to Smoking

Throw away everything that can remind you of your habits, from cigarette packs to lighters down to clothes that smell like smoke. This can somehow help you forget about smoking.

Consult Your Doctor

Get a prescription from your physician to help with your withdrawal. They can suggest alternatives to suppress your addiction towards the substance. Along with that, they can even give better treatment plan for you.

One of the things you should remember when quitting is to never go back again. If you feel like you want to puff again, talk to your friends and family members or try doing other activities to keep you distracted. All you need is willpower and effort to reach your goal.