Cosmetic Dentistry: Get that Dazzling Smile

DentistMany people place a high value on their smiles, believing that a smile is one of the most valuable social assets and that a great smile can help a person’s career by invoking a positive response from the other party. Surveys indicate that more than half the population are actually not satisfied with the appearance of their smile, largely because of the appearance of their teeth.

Danny de Villiers Dentist  says your oral health has a crucial impact on your general health, well-being and quality of life. And it’s definitely true.

Tooth gaps, stained teeth, crooked teeth – these are just some of the things that make people doubt the beauty of their own smiles. Thankfully, a vibrant and healthy smile is achievable by seeking the professional help and advice of cosmetic dentistry practitioners.

The growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry

Today, cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever, changing the way people look and feel themselves by offering various services and procedures to improve the appearance and health of the teeth and gums. The most popular services are:

  1. Teeth whitening – Over time, teeth can become stained or discoloured because of a person’s diet and/or smoking habits. Using a chemical process, dentists can bleach the teeth either in the dental clinic or by giving whitening solution that may be taken by the patient at home. The result is clean-looking and dazzling teeth!
  2. Bonding – Bonding improves the appearance of the teeth by closing the gap left by chipped, broken, stained, or cracked teeth. It is also used to fill up cavities and prevent further dental damage leading to the painful exposure of nerves at the root of the teeth.
Choosing wisely

Given the sudden and still-growing popularity of the industry, many practitioners will want to take a slice of the growing demand. It is thus important for patients to exercise diligence and choose only cosmetic dentists who not only offer a wide range of preventive and cosmetic dentistry services, but who also have years of experience and continuous training to back them up. After all, dentistry, like any craft is perfected by practice.