Cosmetic Dentistry: Here Are Major Types Of Braces

BracesThere are a lot of reasons to look for the services of a cosmetic dentist. It could be something to do with the alignment of the teeth, the number of teeth, having missing teeth, and even the colour of the teeth. Whatever the reason may be, it all boils down to having that confident smile to show off to everyone in the community.

When people hear about cosmetic dentists, they automatically think about braces. Yes, cosmetic dentists apply braces to fix misaligned teeth, malocclusions, open bites, and crooked teeth. Dentists use different types of braces to fix these problems — mainly for health  reasons and sometimes for cosmetic purposes.

To know more about braces and what they can do to fix your teeth, here are some of the most widely-used  types of braces.

1. Traditional Braces

When you hear braces, you automatically think of metal. Yes, this type of brace has been used for more than two decades now. This type of braces is the cheapest and most used worldwide. Though it does not look as good as the other types aesthetically, it is cost-effective.

2. Damon Braces

This type of brace has gained popularity not only among cosmetic dentists, but clients as well. It offers fewer dental visits and the treatment procedure is milder than traditional braces that entail visiting the dentist at least once a month. It is more of a self-reliant brace since it is self-adjusting.

3. Lingual Braces

This type of brace uses the same technique as  traditional braces, but is placed on the backside of the teeth. These are hidden from other people’s sight, so they won’t notice you have them. However, since these braces are harder to adjust, they may be more expensive than traditional braces. People with sensitive tongue surfaces, can suffer from blisters and problems in terms of movement.

4. Invisalign

Invisalign, as its name says, is nearly invisible. It looks like a mouth guard and unlike other braces types, this is removable. It’s popular among teens since it can be taken off whenever they want and of course, they can eat anything they like without due discomfort.

Cosmetic dentists in Southampton such as  also recommend continuous use after orthodontic treatment to maintain the results desired until teeth finished moving and the alignment has been achieved.

The main idea of using braces is to apply pressure to the teeth to move them to their desired position. Dentists are now equipped with a huge array of techniques to treat teeth problems and braces are just one of them. So, find a good dentist who has the correct tools, techniques and solution for your teeth.