Cream Soup Made Easy

Cream SoupCream soup makes for a comforting, hearty food for every meal; be it home-cooked or in a fancy restaurant. A cream soup has a rich, velvety texture and a smoothness that warms the belly and makes it enjoyable to have and share.

Making cream soup may seem like a tedious task, but not with the right ingredients and attention to detail.

  • The Right Base

The right cream base for your soup depends on the ingredients. One example is a vegetable puree. A vegetable-based cream soup is as simple as you can get, but consider the right mix of vegetables you can use to draw out a soup’s full flavor. You may also want to saute a vegetable with spices to add aroma and flavor.

Sometimes, the stock is just right to use as a base, as in the case of cream of chicken soup. Adding bouillons, bacon pieces, or even small chunks of meat can enhance the flavor of your soup.

  • The Right Thickener

Thickening a cream soup gives it its rich and smooth texture, but it can be tricky. You may simply use roux, which is made by mixing flour and butter or lard. Another way is to make a slurry, made with a starch base and cold water.

Some improvise by using cornstarch, egg yolks and cream or puree, or adding their choice of liquid such as stock or wine, to thicken the soup. Remember, though, to cook the thickener properly to give the soup its preferred texture.

  • The Right Cream

The right amount of cream is equally important in making your cream soup. How much cream do you need? Most of the time, a small amount of cream is enough, but you can also use a set amount of milk (for example, 1/2 a cup of milk per cup of puree) depending on your recipe for added flavor.

Making cream soup is easy whether you follow a recipe or make one from scratch to explore your own taste, and doing it right will make every meal worth watching out for.