Creative (and Yummy) Uses of Chicken Broth

chicken broth baseThere are many secret ingredients that make your dishes more delicious than before. Broths and bases are considered one of the essential ingredients every household should have. Whether it is store-bought or homemade, broths have a whole lot of other uses aside from helping you make your favorite soup.

Creative uses for your chicken broth (aside from making soup):

Rice and grains flavor enhancer

Rice and grains need water to be cooked. Why not use your best chicken base instead to add flavor? Instead of plain water, use your stock in cooking your rice and grains. Adding chicken base and some spices to the water in boiling your pasta also helps enhance the flavor.


Whether you are making it from scratch or simply want to tweak your ready-made sauce, adding a cup or two of chicken broth makes a lot of difference. Enrich your pasta’s flavor without adding too many spices in your sauce by using soup stocks instead. This golden liquid can also be added in sauce base food like curry, veloute, and marinara.

Comfort food

Dumplings, bread pudding, and mashed potatoes are among the most popular comfort food people like to munch on from time to time. Their savory flavors can even be made more savory by adding chicken broth to the recipe even if it doesn’t call for one.

Steamed vegetables

Kids do not like vegetables because it does not taste good. But, adding chicken broth instead of just steaming it and adding salt and pepper can make your kids enjoy the healthy dish, minus the begging and pleading.

Cooking is more than just mixing ingredients and following the recipe. It takes creativity and good taste buds to know what works and what doesn’t. Thankfully, chicken broth works well with most.