Date Night at Tunbridge Wells

Date Night at Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells is a charming town full of family-friendly activities ideal for tourists. However, if you live there, these attractions may hold no sway over you. If you are planning a date night, and wondering how to work up to the Tunbridge Wells pubs, here are some suggestions to put a little spark in the day.

Start with a little nature

Dunolarn Park never gets old. You can have a picnic and enjoy a good talk amidst serene and peaceful surroundings. You might even try a little Tai Chi, or watch other people sketching or walking pets. You might also consider exploring Penshurst Palace and ogle at the place where the filming of Wolf Hall took place. It is one of the oldest private gardens in the UK, and one of the most beautiful.

Visit a bookstore

If books are more up your alley, check out the Hall’s Bookshop. You can browse new and second-hand books for hours, and look through historic memorabilia stacked on floor-to-ceiling shelves. It first opened in 1898, so there is a lot of history in the place.

Drink the waters

If you are a resident of Tunbridge Wells, chances are you never actually tried the waters of Chalybeate Springs, which is what made the town so famous in the past. Even if you do not relish the thought of drinking the water, you may still enjoy the sight of costumed 'Dippers' serving it up to the tourists.

Skate the ice

If the timing is right, you could skate the ice at Calverley Park. It can really whip up your appetite for beer and spicy sausages when you get to the pub. It is also a great way to get close to your date without having to try very hard!

Tunbridge Wells may be for tourists, but there are fun things you can do there on date night. It just takes a little imagination to get you going.