Dealing with Weight Issues: Why Aren’t You Successful in Losing Weight?

Woman measuring her waistHave you been trying to lose weight, but it looks like nothing seems to be working?  The more you try, the harder it is to get rid of those extra pounds. If so, then the issue might not be just about what you’re doing, but more on how your body reacts on those activities.

To further understand this, here are some of the basic reasons you’re struggling to lose weight:

Thyroid Disorder

You’ve probably heard about hypothyroidism. It is a condition wherein your thyroid hormones are underperforming, causing an increase in appetite that leads to weight gain. If you’ve been diagnosed with this disorder, you might find it difficult to keep your weight at a normal level.

For this, it is recommended that you seek professional help to find the routine that’ll work best for you.

Eating Habit

Another factor that could influence your body’s reaction to weight loss is your diet or your eating habits. This activity is directly linked to your body’s metabolic clock. Constant disruption on your metabolism could mess up your system and cause you to develop unhealthy eating habits. Oftentimes, this may lead to overeating that could obviously make you gain weight.


You need to badly want it for it to work. Some people are only good at the beginning and once they’ve seen improvements, they slowly lose interest in following up on what they’ve started. To be fit and healthy, you need to be consistent about this decision. This way, you will remain in good shape for the rest of your life.

Joining a weight loss studio is a great way to stay motivated. Get In Shape For Women also explains that surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals would strengthen your foundation towards staying healthy.

These are just some of the most common reasons people have a hard time losing weight. But don’t let these things discourage you and keep from achieving your fitness goals. You might be struggling, but it’s not an excuse for you to give up. Instead, use this as a motivation to overcome the trial and become a better version of yourself.