Demi-Glace: The Divine Flavor for Brown Sauces

Velvety SaucesHave you ever wondered why all restaurants serve so divine dense and velvety brown sauces? They must have used demi-glace. This flavor is not a “professional chefs only” secret; it is just that one detail that you are missing in your kitchen to not only infuse your meals with deep flavor, but also save you time. 

Custom Culinary gives an overview of this sauce. 

Demi-glace, the additive

This rich brown sauce that originates from classic French cuisine is created from simmering aromatics, wines, and selected bones for days to extract gelatin from the bones as well as thicken the sauce and concentrate the flavors. Traditional French culinary experts made this sauce from equal parts of espagnole and veal stock in preparing the mother sauce in French cooking.

Buying demi-glace: the two types

Demi-glace come in two types: classic veal and a combination of duck and veal. The major difference in these two lies in the additional duck flavor in the latter. If you prefer ‘straight’ flavors, then the classic veal demi-glace would be your most preferred take; however, you can add the duck-and-veal demi-glace to your kitchen stock should you need a chance of taste.

Cooking with demi-glace

If you are contemplating going vegetarian, it is important you try and understand different cuisines that use this flavor. To make sauces, all you need to is whisk a tablespoon into a pan sauce while preparing pork chops or buffalo steak. You can also reduce the sauce with mushrooms or pasta to make a velvety sauce.

You can as well make classic coq au vin stew with this sauce to add a base of flavor and a rich broth to the stew.

With just a few tablespoons of demi-glace, you can add richness to a variety of sauces, gravies, soups and stews. As professional chefs do, you should always buy demi glace to keep this ingredient in stock as it adds depth to every dish you add it to.