Dental implants in St John’s Wood made easy

Man checking teethThe best way to feel great about an upcoming dental treatment is to gather as much information about it as possible beforehand. Some patients have more complex treatment paths than others when they have dental implants in St John’s Wood but it’s still possible to break it down into stages so that they have a clear understanding of how their treatment will progress.

The great thing is that experienced practitioners, like Aura Dental, are used to offering comprehensive and clear guidance to patients when they get dental implants in St John’s Wood. They can dispense with medical jargon and talk about the real concerns that patients have and help them feel comfortable with the process.

The different stages

Getting dental implants can be divided into a number of distinct stages. Within these, there might be a lot of differences from patient to patient. A skilled practitioner is adaptable and can tailor their treatment processes to meet the needs of almost any patient. Generally speaking, the stages of getting dental implants in St John’s Wood are:

Data gathering

This is usually the first appointment. It entails a physical examination of the teeth, mouth, gums and jawbone to determine the conditions in the patient’s mouth. The dentist will also ask a number of routine questions to explore the patient’s dental and medical history as well as checking on lifestyle habits that can affect the success of dental implants, like smoking;


All of the above is used by the dentist to make a treatment plan. This includes items like the number of appointments required, the number of implants needed, possible implant positioning, an estimate of costs and details of any preparatory work that might be required;


This is the stage where the dental implants are inserted into the patient’s jawbone. They are given a local anaesthetic so that they do not feel anything while this takes place. This generally only takes a few hours;


This stage is as important as any other when it comes to dental implants. This is when the body heals around the fixtures and stabilises them. It is important that they are not disturbed during this process.