Dentistry in 2020

Dental IndustryInstitut Straumann AG, a Swiss dental research organisation, recently conducted a survey that projected several details about the dental care industry in 2020. If the first prediction, ‘Dental health will improve’ sounds inadequate, then the rest of the findings should give you an idea of where dentists and their patients will be a few years from now:

No substitute for dental implants will emerge in the next 10 years

With dental implants still undergoing major improvements, the survey and its long-term projection for a perfectly reliable procedure is not too difficult to concede to.

Patients will want more and better information on dental health and treatment options

With the Experience Age having just begun, and as people clamour for both privacy and access to information, the dental industry can expect an influx of patients demanding more knowledge, and getting it with or without their say-so.

Productivity will be higher, chair time will be shorter

Another benefit of the technology is that it allows dental care providers to serve patients faster and more reliably. Emergency dentists from Edinburgh cannot agree more, citing the significantly speedier processes across the board and the industry itself.

Many labs integrated in dental practices

One of the most significant obstacles to patient treatments is the separation between the dental practice and the laboratory diagnosing conditions, analysing data and fabricating dental appliances. The study predicts that by 2020, patients will see faster turnarounds and far fewer technicians as the idea of dental labs undergoes significant change.

Digital scanning will provide a complete 3D-view of the oral situation

While an increasing number of dental practices do use 3D mapping to treat their patients, scanning machines are still far from rendering x-rays obsolete. By 2020, however, the industry can expect more affordable, perhaps more effective scanning machines to be a standard in all clinics.

There is of course a chance for these predictions to fail, but with the amount of research that has gone into Institut Straumann AG’s survey, it is safe to say that the dental industry will continue to grow and improve towards 2020.