Early Childhood Tooth Decay: Is Your Child at Risk?

A Boy Suffering from ToothacheTooth decay is one of the common chronic childhood diseases in the country. It can be due to constant exposure of sweetened liquids to a kid’s teeth or unawareness of when parents should start caring for their little one’s teeth. It may also be due to parents not knowing when children should first visit a dentist.

Dental Visit

Kids should visit a dentist by age one or six months after the eruption of the first tooth. A visit will involve an examination, with the dentist teaching the parents ways to protect the child’s teeth against tooth decay. Pediatric dentists in Centerville note that this can be as simple as limiting exposure to sugary liquids and using a damp cloth to wipe the child’s teeth.

Sealing a Tooth

Dentists may also recommend sealants to protect cavity-prone areas. They are usually are applied to the back teeth, especially on the chewing surfaces. The best thing about sealants is that they can withstand the force of regular chewing. Sealing a tooth is also pain-free and fast. They may, however, require reapplication.

Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is likely to happen if there is long-term exposure of teeth to sugars. Daily consumption of sweetened drinks in a bottle or cup can put kid’s developing teeth at a greater risk for decay. This is most likely if kids are allowed to sleep with a bottle of milk or carry a cup or bottle of fruit juice throughout the decay.

Beverage Choice

Water remains the best beverage to promote healthy teeth. Parents can still give their kids fruit juices, but it is best to dilute the liquid with water or offer them unsweetened varieties. Soft drinks and energy drinks should never be a part of a kid’s diet, as they are loaded with sugar and empty calories. They can weaken child’s teeth, resulting in tooth decay and enamel erosion.

Dental care should begin at an early age to promote good habit in adult years. This can help them maintain healthy permanent teeth that can last a lifetime. Parents should also act as a role model not just in keeping up with proper oral hygiene, but also in eating a healthy and balanced diet.