Easing the Symptoms of Dementia Among Seniors

Home CareA decline in mental ability, such as memory loss issue, problems with focusing and paying attention, and issues in reasoning and judgment are symptoms of dementia. For seniors with this problem, the loss of independence can be frustrating.

Hobbies and things that were once their second nature might start to feel foreign to them. It’s a harsh reality that can be discouraging for everyone involved. When caring for people with dementia, you need to help maintain their independence and improve their self-esteem by preparing suitable activities.

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It is important to understand that independence is a major issue for people with dementia. They would try to lessen the burden on their family, and even go to great lengths to avoid asking for help. Activities planned by caregivers can make them still feel capable despite their condition and have fun.

Doing Repetitive Activities

Doing the same thing over and over can help lessen their stress and ease their frustrations. Arts and crafts projects, for example, can be a satisfying activity for them.

Clerical-types of activity like sorting papers, stuffing envelopes, clipping coupons and sorting folders may be soothing to seniors who spent most of their adult lives in an office. The purpose of doing those things is less important than the feeling of accomplishment they feel after completing the tasks.

Getting in Touch With Nature

Getting some fresh air and sunlight makes everyone feel better. Walking around and staying outdoors can help seniors feel more comfortable, so spend some time with them outside. Listen to their stories or share some of yours.

When caring for someone coping with dementia, an open mind is the best way to plan an activity. Make them feel better despite their condition.