Emergency Dental Care: To Remove or Not Remove a Tooth

DentistThe toothaches you feel may seem like fleeting distractions to your daily routine. These may come and go over time; however, it will come as no surprise if the sharp pain may lead to a root canal or extraction.

Is it time to remove a tooth?

Tooth extraction may be your last resort, but because of different reasons, some end up having no other choice but to have a tooth pulled.

Crowded and crooked teeth are not only unsightly in some cases, but they may also lead to malocclusion that may affect speech and make it difficult to clean teeth and gums. Dentists have to perform the extraction to realign teeth, set certain appliances such as braces, veneers or a new implant or allow a tooth to erupt properly.

Gum disease is another main reason a dentist may need to extract a tooth, as infection and bacteria may spread to surrounding teeth. The gums provide support to both the bone and the tooth; once it weakens, it starts to recede and loosen its hold. This may lead to pockets of space in your mouth that turn into breeding grounds for germs and bacteria that enter your mouth.

Tooth decay extends its damage to the pulp, the centre of a tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves. Once bacteria spread, it may infect other parts of your mouth. In such cases, it is necessary to extract a tooth for proper dental care; Hamilton has practitioners that help you address this problem.

Tooth decay, gum diseases and crowded teeth are valid reasons to get tooth extraction to prevent further damage.

What happens to your dental health after extraction?

Tooth extraction prevents the spread of gum disease, bacteria and infection to surrounding teeth and gums. A dentist may place an implant as soon as extraction finishes, to improve your dental health. They may also install appliances such as veneers or braces to realign crooked teeth.

Your dentist will provide you with detailed instructions on what to do after surgery. Expect certain degrees of discomfort and pain after the operation, but nothing that you cannot handle.