End-of-Life Care: Showing Support for Your Loved One

photo of hands holdingGetting a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness for a loved one is heart-breaking. The family will go through multiple emotions before coming into terms with reality. You should then offer more support than ever for your sick loved one. Aside from getting hospice care services from facilities like the Hospice of the Calumet Area in Indiana, some of the ways you can show support include the following:

Write a To-Do List

What are the things that your dear one wants to accomplish with the left time? Create a list of all the things they would want to have, places they would love to visit, and people they would love to meet. Organize meet-ups and make traveling plans.

Maintain Their Dignity

Sick individuals require help with the most basic of tasks such as bathing, grooming, and eating. While carrying out the tasks for them, ensure that you provide privacy to maintain their dignity. Your loved one still needs to feel independent.

Ensure the Necessary Affairs are in Place

The aspect of arranging for one’s burial is more acceptable than in the past. Help your dear one with the funeral plans and writing of the will. You can also discuss their wishes on their funeral, and how they would want the affairs to run after they are gone.

Seek Extra Help

Caregiving for sick individuals can be overwhelming, and you could use some help from family members and friends. Professional caregivers are also essential in showing you the right manner of taking care of sick individuals. Even if you want to take care of your dear one solely, you will experience burnout especially if you are handling other affairs of the home or work.

Caring for a loved one is not only hard on you, but on the sick individual. Consider working with an organization that offers support—spiritual, emotional, and physical—for you and your family.