Exploring Australia: The Wonders to Experience During Holidays

AustraliaAustralia is a great place to enjoy time with family and friends. It boasts of stunning sights that make holidays truly memorable.

Book your flights now, pack your bags, and head over to Australia the country. Your trip there will surely be one you will never ever forget. To start with, check out these places you should not miss when going on a holiday in the Land Down Under:


This is one of the most famous places in Australia. This is also definitely a great place for your family, as you can do many things with your kids in Melbourne. You may take a dip in the pristine beaches or join a walking tour to appreciate the views of the city. You can even go to recreational centres and enjoy an afternoon of fun. One of the recommended places you should visit is BOUNCE.

Foodie, are you?

Who does not love eating? How about eating and looking at the scenery at the same time? That would be an absolute wonder. In Sydney, Queenstown, and Auckland, restaurants offer good food and great sceneries of the city. From where you are sitting, you can enjoy the food and relax with the city wonder as your backdrop.

Phillip Island

Visit the smallest penguins in the world in Phillip Island Nature Park. The park even conducts a Little Penguin Parade every day to show holidaymakers how the penguins come out of the ocean to the beaches and walk their way around. These cuties will surely melt your heart.

Minyon Falls Flora Reserve

When you want to have fun in the water but are not fond of beaches, the Minyon Falls Flora Reserve will not let you down. It has a 104-metre waterfall where you can go on a walking adventure in the trail leading to the bottom of the falls.

Cross Australia off your list now and start living your dream in the land that is more than kangaroos.