Finding Release From the Hold of Cigarette Smoking and Nicotine Addiction

Quitting SmokingAbuse of tobacco is widespread in Australia and other parts of the world. Nicotine is the primary active ingredient in cigarettes, and the substance is addictive. Smokers inhale it and the compound makes its way to the bloodstream. The addiction due to nicotine involves both physical and physiological aspects. Many smokers who aspire to quit find it difficult, if not impossible to find release from the hold of nicotine in their lives.

Why is nicotine so addictive?

Once nicotine is in the bloodstream, it stimulates the release of adrenaline or epinephrine, which mediates the body’s fight or flight response. In the brain, cells release the neurotransmitter dopamine. This initiates responses associated with reward and pleasure. With continuous exposure to tobacco, the addicted individual continues to experience the euphoria brought by the chemical compounds. In time, he or she cannot do without it, and the habit starts to define a person’s life.

What are the popular treatment options for tobacco addiction?

Nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT) is a popular treatment option. One form of NRT delivers tobacco to the body in low amounts. This is more popularly known as “the patch”. Someone who wants to quit smoking places the patch on the arm or the back to help the addicted person wean from the effects of nicotine. For people who also have to deal with oral fixation, the nicotine gum is a more appropriate NRT option. Over-the-counter inhalers and nicotine sprays also provide low nicotine doses.

What other alternative treatment options are available apart from NRT?

Quit Stop Now says when you’re ready to quit smoking, support from cognitive and behavioral professionals is available as well. For some, NRT does not do much to alleviate the craving. These people often benefit from neuro-linguistic programming or cognitive-behavioral therapy. These approaches seek to alter behaviors and thoughts on nicotine addiction.

Addiction from tobacco is not just the bane of cigarette smokers. It is also the affliction of people who have adopted the habit of chewing on tobacco leaves. With the right approach, it is possible to overcome nicotine addiction.