First Day of Daycare? Here are 3 Tips on How To Prepare

Daycare in UtahAs a parent, finding the right child care can be tough especially when you’ve never left your child with a stranger before. However, if you are considering going back to work, child care is not only recommended but imperative.

Being their first day, it can take your child some time before they get used to the new environment. Nonetheless, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you and your child are comfortable with the transition.

Bring your child for a visit

Going for a visit with your child before their first day will help them get acquainted with the environment. As a parent, you’ll also be comfortable knowing where your child will be spending time in and the kind of activities the child care center would make, advises Smart Kids Development Center. For infants, it would be good if you brought your child and stayed with them for a couple of hours to see how they respond. For preschoolers, you can leave for a few hours to ease them into the program.

Go over the schedule with your child

Another great way of making the process easier is to communicate to your child that their schedule will now change, explain to them what to expect for different times of the day, and how to relate to other children. Create a ritual for good-byes as this creates a sense of trust in your child that when you leave, you’ll be definitely back.

Bring something your child can relate to

Bringing a stuffed animal or your child’s favorite blanket to a childcare facility will help your child relax and feel right at home.

Finally, do not forget to ensure that your child’s immunizations are up to date. Discuss special allergies or health concerns with providers in advance.

These are just some of the considerations in leaving your child to a child care center. Discuss the details with the facility to see what they can offer in particular.