Football Tourists Are Better Off Spending Money on Tickets and Saving on Everything Else

Football Tourists Football is, no doubt, one of England’s biggest tourist attractions. For most fans, the desire to see the world-renowned players is stronger than seeing other famous spots in the isle. A rabona from Eden Hazard is a sight more beautiful than the cliffs of Dover, and it is better to be around screaming fans than fellow tourists amazed with what London has to offer.

Most visitors go to London, and each year, the amount of foreigners spotted inside football stadiums is increasing. For some clubs, the presence of tourists is even emblematic as it highlights the lack of local fans attending matches. But, there is an underlying issue keeping those supporters from entering the stadium: rising ticket prices.

An Advice for Football Tourists

Most people who come to Britain for football want to experience the game first-hand., which is why they buy tickets that are more expensive. They can also witness how the country that birthed the sport treats their own. Wherever foreign fans go in London, they are bound to meet passionate fans who have been supporters since birth. When it comes to fan experience, there is really no beating English clubs.

For that reason, it may be better to allocate more money in tickets and keep the spare for a cheap London accommodation. Establishments such as provide quality rooms that should suffice visiting fans. In addition, these places are not like minimalistic hotels. Most of them offer surprisingly loaded packages for their clients.

The Inescapable Lure of the Big Clubs

It is likely that most foreign fans go to London to watch Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham. These are top-tier clubs that also offer top-tier ticket prices. Nonetheless, people still buy them and who can blame them? This may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them, even though a single gate in any of these clubs can already give someone a day’s trip around the city.

The way English football is going, clubs are only getting richer and are recruiting hot prospects overseas. That makes them more attractive to other audiences. As a result, they will flock to the country and continue to buy the expensive passes. The hope is for them to spend more on what they visited England for, and be economical on everything else.