Four Common Oral Health Problems in Children

a child having her teeth checkedChildren’s teeth start growing long before the first tooth shows up. As a parent, it is good to inspect kids’ teeth to be sure that they are in good health. Set good oral hygiene standards to avoid most common problems. However, you may still find some oral health problems in your children. Here are some common ones.

1.     Early tooth loss

A child may lose teeth due to injury, decay or lack of space on the jaw where the teeth can grow. The space created by the lost teeth can cause the nearby teeth to tilt. This may further progress to tilting or misalignment of the new teeth. Crooked teeth may lead to self-image and chewing problems. You can consult a pediatric dentist in South Bend if your child has lost a tooth.

2.     Tooth decay

This is the most common teeth problem. Children are more likely to develop cavities from sugar attacks than the adults. Cavity attacks also develop very fast and damage most of the teeth. Common causes of tooth decay include eating too many sweets and sucking on a milk or juice bottle for too long. You can prevent tooth decay by daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste.

3.     Thumb sucking

It is common for children to suck their thumbs. However, it becomes an issue if it goes past when permanent teeth emerge. Sucking causes teeth to be misaligned, and the child may introduce bacteria and dirt to the mouth. Encourage the child to avoid thumb sucking. However, do not use negative means such as punishment and scolding.

4.     Tongue thrusting

This is a behavior where children push the inside of the upper jaw with their tongue as they swallow. It happens to all infants. However, they change the behavior after they learn how to swallow properly. If the behavior does not stop before the growth of the first tooth, it can cause misalignment. It can also change the shape of the teeth. Your dentist can determine if the child is tongue thrusting through an oral checkup.

Seek medical attention when you find any of the above oral health issues. If detected early, the dentist can help reverse the damage that any of the issues may have done to your child’s teeth. Regular oral checkups also help detect other problems that may be present in the mouth.