Four Effective Treatments for Lumbar Pain

chiropractic service in DenverMillions of Americans suffer from some form of lower back pain. Whether it was caused by an injury or simply by slouching eight hours a day in front of the computer, pain in the lumbar area is something most of us experience.

There is no single treatment approach that works for everybody. What is effective for one may not be good for another. Explore your options and choose what works for you.

Some of the effective ways to ease lower back pain are natural and non-invasive. For many people, these methods have worked tremendously:

1. Visiting a Chiropractor

Research shows that regular adjustments done by a chiropractor in Denver are safe and effective in treating back pain, whether it is an acute pain caused by injury or a chronic pain caused by living a sedentary lifestyle. It is best to combine chiropractic adjustments with other therapies, such as massage and soft-tissue therapies.

2. Doing Core-strengthening Exercises

Your ab and back muscles are crucial for spine health because they provide support for the lower spine. Unfortunately, you don’t always get to exercise these muscles in everyday life. The best core-strengthening exercises include planks, supermans, and dumbbell rows.

3. Losing Weight

If you’re carrying some extra weight around the stomach or chest area, you’re putting on some extra pressure on your lower back. It’s all about eating a healthy diet, doing your cardio and strength exercises, and getting enough rest.

4. Staying Happy

Your body releases endorphins when you’re happy. Known as “nature’s painkillers,” endorphins serve to make you feel good. Common endorphin-boosting activities include exercising, meditating, getting a massage, eating dark chocolate, listening to music you like, and doing just about anything that makes you smile.

Non-invasive remedies won’t replace the tried-and-tested treatment methods, but they can boost the effectiveness of medical or surgical methods. Ask your doctor’s advice if you can use these remedies to supplement other treatments.