Getting Physical: Making the Most of Personal Training

Personal TrainingWith people increasingly interested in keeping fit and staying healthy, career options for those in courses involving health and fitness are growing.

New Horizons

Careers in personal training can be rather unique. Whereas this track used to be dismissed as limited to gyms and health spas, the field has expanded greatly. It now goes the gamut from group exercise to one on one training, all the way to higher training and management positions.

Choosing Your Course

You can consider your options as early as the beginning of your career. Would you rather be employed or start your own business? Are you focused solely on training, or would you like to expand your career to include more holistic approaches to fitness? The training for both is fairly similar, but your choice affects the other studies you will need to take beyond your PT courses. Your future goals will also affect the types of certifications and accreditations you will need.

Where to Practice

Most fitness careers begin with group exercises. Contrary to general expectations, leading an exercise group is not limited to the four walls of a training centre. You are absolutely free to independently advertise yourself as a trainer and hold classes anywhere you find convenient. The same is true for personal trainers who may often find it easier to start out in a company before moving on to working independently. Those who have had more experience as a trainer may be given the opportunity to be employed as a fitness programmer. This will have less to do with direct contact with clients and more with managing other trainers. It also takes you just a few steps away from handling a fitness club or even owning your own.

It’s a Wide World

Consider how you wish to affect the field of health and fitness. As with any career path, the challenge to those new to the industry is to find ways to improve the system. All it takes is your own dedication and desire to share your passion with others.