Hard Facts on Smiling to Keep You Beaming

Perfect SmileIt's been said many times that one smile – warm, open, and inviting – can make a great difference professionally and personally. So why so serious? Here are some facts on smiling to persuade the gloomy ones out there to finally let the sunshine in.

On Trust

A genuine smile will increase your trustworthiness by about 10%. This is the reason that team members at work gel better when each one makes an effort cheerful and positive. This is a great career development tip, isn’t it?

On Success

Did you know that a UC Berkeley 30-year study found that kids with the widest smiles on a yearbook turned out to have more lasting relationships and fulfilling work life? This may not be the case 100% percent of the time, but the connection is clear. Optimism works.

On Lifting the Mood of Others

Thanks to people's habit of mirroring, smiling makes strangers friendlier. According to research, the likelihood is in the neighborhood of 62%. That warm hello is contagious.

On Living Longer

A study by Wayne State University also found that Major League players who smiled wide on baseball cards lived longer by 7 years. Emotional health is very closely linked to physical well-being. Chronic stress, for example, has been repeatedly cited as a common cause for an immune-system breakdown. Smiling has also been reported to help keep the heart healthy.

On Making You Happy

That wide grin not only makes you appear happy, your spirits actually get a lift. A study by scientists Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman from the University of Kansas that smiling helps people get through a crisis. The advice to fake it ‘till you make, it may not be such a bad thing after all.

There are 19 kinds of smiles. If yours is a slightly self-conscious one, Loughton cosmetic dentists can help improve the shape, whiten, and address other issues you may have with your teeth. Whatever you need to do to get it done, do tell yourself to smile wider, better, and more often. It's a guarded world out there, understandably so. But the numbers are in and they all point to one fact: it's not naive to keep on smiling, it's smart.