Hot Yoga: An Informative Look at the Practice

Woman practicing yoga in the beachYoga is becoming a more popular mode of exercise and lifestyle to people around the world. It has been around for quite some time and is practiced by people from all walks of life. Meditation and relaxation, as well as its health benefits, made it a popular lifestyle and exercise choice. But, like other things, yoga has different types and branches.

Generally, yoga involves learning the proper breathing techniques and positions that will stretch and strengthen important muscles in your body. Unlike going to the gym, yoga takes the phrase “slowly but surely” seriously.

Hot yoga (or Bikram yoga) is a common yoga practiced by many people, for instance. But what makes it different from a conventional yoga? and other experts list some of them:

What is hot yoga?

The concept of hot yoga is different from other types of yoga, as you’ll be in a room specifically designed to be hot. Thus, the moniker. Hot yoga is practiced in a room that has a temperature of 105F and with a humidity of 40%. The heat inside, plus the intense movements of the muscles, will definitely help make yogis sweat more than other yoga practices. Hot yoga is typically done in a 90-minute session consisting of 26 yoga moves.

People practice hot yoga because it allows them to sweat more easily, burning more calories and allowing them to detoxify their bodies. At the same time, it allows their muscles to move more fluidly. However, professionals note that hot yoga is not for everyone.

Practicing hot yoga

Because of the intense heat and body movements, people who are not fully healthy or those who have heart and breathing problems are not encouraged to practice Bikram yoga. Hot yoga can be physically and mentally challenging, therefore, it is important to consult with your physician or a professional yoga instructor before signing up for a course. If you get a clear go, then you are in for an exciting ride.

Do not let the concept of heat overwhelm you. There is a good reason why hot yoga is selling like hot potatoes to people. It is always worth a try.