How Do You Help and Honor Veterans in Your Community? Here Are 4 Ways

Senior Veteran SalutingThere’s a reason the US holds an annual Veterans Day — to honor the sacrifices and achievements made by veterans, living or deceased. Whether you have a veteran family member or you merely know one, you can help and honor them in the following ways.

Collaborate with a hospice care.

If you have a senior family member that you can’t take care of due to other commitments, you could collaborate with hospice caregivers to assist your elder loved ones.

Hospice care centers for veterans, such as the Hospice of the Calumet Area in Indiana, understand that veterans need special attention due to injuries or traumas. These caregivers are trained to help our war heroes in their old age.

Visit a homebound veteran.

If you have veterans living in your neighborhood, you may visit them to see if they’re doing well. Some veterans could be living alone because they don’t have family left. In this case, they’d need hospice care or a companion dog.

Sponsor a veteran’s companion dog.

Besides hospice care, companion dogs are also beneficial to veterans. Companion dogs are trained to help people who are suffering from physical and mental disabilities. Therefore, these canines can assist veterans are blind, deaf, crippled, or suffering psychological trauma due to war.

You could sponsor a companion dog for a veteran who needs one as a token of gratitude.

4. Volunteer for service organizations.
You could also show your gratitude by volunteering in service organizations for veterans. These groups support veteran causes and are usually in need of volunteers all year round. Physically being there to help is already as heartwarming as — if not better than — sponsoring donations.

You could do a lot to help and honor veterans today. It’s important to give them company by listening to their stories and remembering their legacy by sharing their stories with others. Thanks to veterans, the country is a safer place today.