How to Heal from Trauma by Helping Others

elders in a hospicePeople experience tragedies at some point in their lives. However, not everyone can learn and bounce back easily from them. There are people who suffer emotionally and mentally for a long time due to the memories of their painful experiences. The good news is helping others can help you get over these heartbreaking memories. Consider these options for your healing:

Reach Out to Relatives

Your family likely knows about your tragic experience, so reaching out to them can help you as much as it can help them. If they don’t know about it and you choose to keep silent, then that’s fine. Stay connected through social media, take part in family activities, and offer your help even to extended family members. These activities can reduce your feelings of lonesomeness while you expand your assistance network.

Volunteer for a Cause

It’s wrong to celebrate other people’s tragedy just to feel good about your own pain. However, helping others because you know how it feels is a different story altogether. Look for hospitals, civic groups, and hospices in Indiana and be one of their volunteers. You can assist a cause that’s close to your heart or find one that you’ve never heard of before. Being part of a cause can make you feel appreciated while you realize the small and simple miracles you receive each day.

Help a Friend

The lyrics, “You get by with a little help from your friends” from a song popularized by The Beatles is true when going through heartache. Instead of requesting for assistance, be willing to give them some sincere aid. It can come in the form of going out, visiting them at home, cooking them a meal, and many more. Friends are familiar with each other, so it won’t be hard for you to figure out what they need.

Your own pain will heal a lot faster when you connect, especially with people that are also going through tragic circumstances. That said; don’t hold back help just because you’re hurting. Remember, you’re not alone in your recovery, not unless you choose to be.