How to Help Your Loved One With an Eating DIsorder

woman suffering from eating disorderPeople who are living with someone who has an eating disorder can often leave him or her feeling frustrated or helpless. Going to an eating disorder treatment facility in Kansas City such as EDCare can help your loved one battle his or her eating disorder

But one can’t help but feel uncertain about what they can do to help their loved one.

Encourage the person to look at their strengths

You should encourage your loved one to look at their strengths and see the positive effects that seeking a professional can do. Try to engage them to express their thought on things and help them focus on how the eating difficulty creates a stressful environment.

Create a loving environment

Instead of attacking them and blaming them for their situation, it’s best to be gentle with them and show them your support. You should choose a good a place at the right time to talk to them about it so they’ll feel more comfortable.

Refrain from talking about body image

You should avoid talking anything related to body image especially if it’s negative. Telling them how skinny they are and then following it up with a compliment won’t help their situation. You should also avoid any fat talk discussions in front of them.

Use the right words

You should use encouraging words to show support when speaking with someone who has an eating disorder. Make them feel comfortable by using I statements to show how you care about them. You should also give them time to express their feelings instead of rushing them through the whole conversation.

Try to listen to them and let them feel that you’re not there to judge them.

Showing your loved one how much you care is important for them, especially with what they’re currently going through. You may want to speak with a medical professional before you approach your loved one about their condition.