How to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool

New Preschoolers in Salt Lake CityWhen it’s time for your child to go to school for the first time, the worst thing you can do is send them off without prior preparation. The way you prepare your child for this new chapter in their life could be the difference between a lifelong appreciation for learning or disinterest in the education system.

Here are a few suggestions to help make this experience successful:

Check with the School

The preschools in Salt Lake City, Utah typically have a short list of requirements for incoming students. They may need your child to be able to spend the day without a parent or guardian, or even that they are already potty-trained.

Teach Your Child How to Write

Don’t worry, they don’t need to know how to craft complex sentences before their first day of formal education. They only need to know how to write their full legal name and address, as well as your name and contact numbers.

Tour the School with Your Child

Most children don’t do well in strange new environments. If their first day of school is something they associate with separating with you for the first time, it could create lasting anxiety. Roam the place with your child a few days before the official start of school. You may want to show them how to use the school’s toilets, too.

Train a New Routine

Your kid might experience a radical change in their daily life when they start going to school. A few weeks before their first day, block off the same school time in their schedule and use the time for reading, writing, and crafts– the same activities they should expect from the school.

Preschool is your child’s first experience of education. You want the transition to be as smooth, as fun, and as positive for them as possible. A good time at school will only encourage them to enjoy learning, perhaps for the rest of their lives.