How to Save Money on a Funeral

Flaming candles at a funeralThe average American funeral now costs over $7,000 to arrange, a figure well over the budget of many families, causing some to leave bodies unclaimed. However, it is possible to plan a more affordable funeral in Layton with the help of mortuaries such as Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory.

Funerals can cost as much as a wedding, but unlike a wedding, guests don’t get any notice, and the final bill can leave bereaved relatives reeling. The good news is, it’s possible to plan a budget funeral that doesn’t break the bank.

Choose a Funeral Plan

A funeral plan is a way of pre-paying for a funeral in monthly installments so that when a person passes, their family will not be in debt. It has several other advantages. The policyholder can choose the budget and every detail of their own funeral, from the type of ceremony and casket, to their burial plot.

This ensures that those who remain carry out their wishes after they pass.

Consider a ‘Green’ Funeral

One large expense is for the casket. A high-quality casket costs several hundred dollars. Opting for a “green” funeral with a biodegradable cardboard coffin can reduce these costs. Mourners can write messages of farewell and draw pictures on this type of casket.

Burial in a flower meadow or forest may be cheaper than in a traditional ceremony.

Skip Embalming

If there is no wake or public visitation, embalming isn’t required, and this will cut the cost. Planning a reception with home videos of happy memories is an even nicer way for guests to remember.

Go for Direct Cremation

Funerals with lots of show aren’t for everyone. If you omit the service altogether, it will save thousands of dollars. Cremation only packages provide transportation to the crematorium and an unattended committal.

This type of funeral is good for people who don’t have family or who don’t like complicated goodbyes. It can cost as little as $1000.

A person’s send-off is a major expense that leaves thousands of families with bills they struggle to pay. Planning and some shrewd choices can reduce or eliminate the cost for relatives.