I Want to Be Numb, But the Dental Sedatives Aren’t Working

Dental SedativesMost patients will say the same thing before they need to go under some kind of dental operation. What really scares them is the pain of the injection of the anaesthetic. Fortunately, they only have to stand the biting sting of the sedative needle once, and they can be pain-free for the next few hours – or do they?

Anaesthetic Misfires

There have been many occasions wherein painkillers utterly failed to work. This leaves patients to either suffer the procedure without anaesthetics, or go through multiple shots on the gum. Dental practices can protect their patients from such a dire situation, but they will need full disclosure in order to know the proper way to deal with such a problem.

Dental surgeons in North Ireland, for example, make it a point to inform their patients not to drink anywhere near their operation date. No, it does not follow that because alcohol numbs heartache that it should numb the gums as well. In fact, people who have at least pint a day need double the amount of sedatives as a sober patient might.

Anatomic Treachery

This is, however, the easier out of the long list of reasons that would cause patients to become resistant to anaesthetics. There are other causes for not being numb wherein neither the patient nor the dentists have any control over, such as anatomy.

The human body has a nasty habit of betraying people in the most inconvenient ways, and stubbornly insisting on feeling pain is one of the more frustrating things patients need to live by. An excess layer of fat or strangely located nerves is two of the most common reasons anaesthesiologists find their solutions ineffective.

It is a stroke of the worst luck imaginable whenever a patient finds themselves on the receiving end of three or four sedative shots. But, they do happen, and patients need to calm down when such a thing happens to them. Seriously – calm down – anxiety is proven to reduce the effectiveness of sedatives even more.

The best way to ensure that every dental procedure involving sedatives goes smoothly is to follow the dentist’s instructions and be patient with the process.