In Focus: Dental Implants

Dental ImplantAre you missing one or several teeth? Advancements in dentistry have provided people with tooth replacements that may be as good as natural teeth. These replacements are widely known as dental implants. You can get them from a dental clinic or from an implant dental lab. You yourself may have a dental implant.

Back in the 60s

Although dental implants today are enhanced by modern innovation, implants have been used since the mid-1900s, around the 60s. The first dental implant was made out of titanium. It was created by Per-Ingvar Branemark, an orthopaedic surgeon. In 1965, the first dental implant procedure was successfully performed by Branemark.

Back to the Present

Since then, developments have built upon Branemark’s research. Implants today are still made out of titanium, although the alloy is of a much higher grade. The screw has been given a rough surface to facilitate osseointegration, the attachment of a dental implant to the bone.

Bone Factor

Even with the vastly enhanced quality of dental implants today, however, some people still report unsuccessful treatments. These failures may be attributed to several different factors. The bone thickness of your jaw is one important factor. An implant needs to be surrounded with a thick layer of bone in order for the treatment to be successful.

Gum Quality

The condition of your gum is another vital factor. Some have thin gums, while other have thick gums. Implants favour individuals with thick gums. Thick gums have much more collagen fibres. These fibres are important in sealing and securing the implant into your jaw.

Cleanliness and Health

You can also do something to make sure implant treatment is a success. For one, you can clean your implants regularly. A clean implant can prevent infection. Secondly, you can also lead a healthy lifestyle since your health can affect implants as well. For example, smoking can destroy bone around implants.

Nonetheless, you can trust that dental implant treatment can work for you or someone you know. Procedures today are highly successful, and as long as you take care of your implants, they can last for a long time.