Interceptive Orthodontics: Promoting Children’s Optimal Dental Health

Kid's Dentist in American ForkDespite the decreasing rates of overall untreated tooth decay among children from the 1970’s to 1990’s, The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reveals that there has been a rise in dental decay, especially among younger children aged 2-11. Dental care is one of the least catered health needs for children; in fact tooth decay is the leading chronic illness among children.

What Causes Dental Problems among Children?

Lack of access to dental care and parent’s ignorance about the dental health care for their children is a major contributor to dental problems; hence the great need for educating parents and providing resources that will improve children’s’ dental health. Dental problems in children are disastrous and can be put under control via prevention.

Interceptive Orthodontics

It’s a common practice for parents to take their children to a kids dentist for the evaluation of their dental formula. Dentists have realized that early intervention of the dental formula offers timely detection of problems and gives time for treatment hence they recommend evaluation by a dentist before the age of seven. This early intervention is what is referred to as interceptive orthodontics.

How Does Interceptive Orthodontics Work?

Interceptive orthodontics solves many problems among children especially those as a result of thumb sucking or using pacifiers. Thumb sucking and using pacifiers reshapes the jawbone causing the growth of crooked teeth which affect a child’s appearance and smile. To reduce jaw-growth problems, dentists use orthopedic appliances such as headgears, fixed functional appliances, and palatal expansion appliances depending on the problem at hand.

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After interceptive treatment, the child rests for a while before getting some type of retainer while the permanent teeth grow. Often, interceptive treatment properly aligns teeth, but in rare cases is comprehensive treatment with braces needed for proper teeth functionality.

Optimal dental health for your child translates to great health, academic success, higher self-esteem, and less chronic illnesses. Visit a kids dentist in American Fork and take charge of your child’s future.