Irresistible Habits that May Destroy Your Teeth

Nail-Bitting Guy from Walsall Good news for the lazy blokes: skipping your nightly brushing routine is not the most dangerous thing you can do to your teeth. Other than that guy who got his teeth kicked loose in a bar brawl in Walsall, something else you are doing unconsciously might be even more harmful to your teeth.

Chewing on Ice

After sipping on your favourite fizzy drink, one habit of yours might be chewing on the ice left at the bottom of your glass. Ice cubes may be solidified water, but that does not make them harmless to your teeth.

When you munch on those hard cubes, it may create chips and cracks on your teeth. If you persist with the habit and you end up irritating soft tissue within your teeth, you will begin to feel regular toothaches. Your teeth will also become sensitive to any hot or cold substances, which may trigger sharp jabs of pain to your gums. You put yourself at risk of teeth breakage, which may require oral check-ups or even dental implant surgery.


People tend to bite their nails due to feelings of nervousness of anxiety. The impact of the habit, however, goes to your teeth.

Dr. Ruchi Sahota says that not only can nail-biting chip your teeth, it can also add pressure to your jaw. When you bite your nails, your jaw remains in a protruding position, which may lead to jaw dysfunction if done constantly.

Teeth as a Cutting Tool

When you buy new clothes and you’re excited to try them on, you resort to your teeth to rip the tag off your purchase. Everyone should know that this is never a good idea – human teeth were only made for chewing on food.

The use of your teeth as a pair of scissors is an inefficient alternative as well as an opportunity for disaster. You may crack your teeth, injure your jaw or accidentally swallow an inedible object.

Our set of teeth is one of the strongest parts of our body. What you shouldn’t do is use them for the wrong reasons, or you’ll end up losing all of them.