Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Children?

Dental Sedation for a Child in HertfordshireDental anxiety does not only affect adults but torments children, as well. Thanks to the innovations in dental industry, people with a dental phobia can now undergo sedation to calmly get the treatment they need. But, how about the children who are too anxious to visit their dentist? Is sedation safe and ideal for them, too?

Sedation Types

According to Bow House Dental, oral sedation, intravenous sedation, and nitrous oxide are the types of sedation that dentists commonly use. Oral sedation and nitrous oxide help patients stay calm and relaxed whilst awake during a dental procedure. Intravenous sedation, on the other hand, puts patients to sleep, and it is often reserved for very nervous patients who need highly invasive procedures. Dentists say that all these types of sedation are safe and ideal for anxious patients of all ages.

Preparations Matter

Parents of nervous patients must take the necessary preparation to make sure sedation works on their children. For one, they must provide the full medical history of their child, as prior prescriptions or other medications may hinder the effect of sedation. Also, parents must restrict their children from eating and drinking before sedation, as the procedure comes with a risk for pulmonary aspiration. Moreover, dressing the child in loose-fitting clothes will help the dental assistants attach monitors quickly. These devices help the dentists monitor the patient’s blood pressure, blood oxygen level, heart rate, and temperature whilst the child is sedated.

To further ensure the safety of the children, dentists recommend that parents be on their children’s side once they wake up after sedation. The child may feel dizzy and confused after the procedure. So, it is best that a parent or a guardian will guide the child on the way home.

Generally, sedation is safe and recommended for children. Parents just have to be involved, as well, to ensure the safety and pleasant experience of their children during this dental procedure.